New Guide Published on Conflict Minerals, one of the world’s foremost on-line publications on global procurement of metals and related products, including global pricing trends, capacity constraints, supply market M&A activity, today published its guide to planning compliance with the US Conflict Mineral Law and the (soon to be final) implementing regulations under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This guide, titled What Your Company Should Know About Conflict Minerals, is a concise resource containing:

  • Elm’s insights from having conducted audits under a leading industry association program for conflict minerals supply chain traceability, and
  • MetalMiner’s expertise in metals trading/sourcing, with a unique perspective on how the scrap loophole may become exploited by operations in the conflict region.

The date is looming for SEC promulgation of the final regulation and over 160 comment letters were submitted to SEC on the proposal.  To help you prepare for these new program requirements, this report provides valuable substantive information based on first hand knowledge of conflict minerals programs and issues. was founded more than four years ago and since then has become a recognized leader in providing unique insight, analysis, and tools for buyers, purchasing professionals, and everyone else for whom metals and their related markets matter.

Click here to obtain a copy of this report from MetalMiner.


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