The Elm Group International, LLC Gives Away an Environmental Audit

The Elm Group International, LLC is accepting entries for a drawing to win an environmental compliance audit priced at $1.00 fixed rate for labor fees.  The contest winner gets 5 consecutive days of one Elm staff member’s time to conduct an environmental compliance audit in the U.S – for $1.00 in labor cost.  The rules and limitations (posted in the entry form) set forth the details of this offer.

Patrick Doyle, founder of Elm:  “Elm has been financially successful ever since its founding in 2003.  Even in the midst of the worst global economic collapse since the 1930s, Elm posted record revenues in 2009.  In light of that, we wanted to have some fun in 2010.  Part of that was investing in new technology such as the iPad, which proved to be very successful in the field.  This give-away is another opportunity for us to have fun, while also providing real benefit to the winner.”

“There is a bit of a thrill in this for us,” said Lawrence Heim of Elm’s Georgia operations.  “We certainly don’t know what type of company or site will win and I have no idea where I will be traveling to for this assignment.”

“I am not sure if anything like this has been done before.  We had some initial trepidation about the idea, but our enthusiasm and excitement won over,” according to Robert Bray of Elm’s California operations, who just completed his tenure as the President of The Auditing Roundtable.  “And we have the chance to help a company with their environmental management costs.  Everyone wins.”

Click here to complete the entry form.


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