Elm Completes Field Trial of iPad in EHS Audit

Elm has completed its initial field trail of the iPad for EHS auditing.

Lawrence Heim of Elm’s Georgia office:

In our week-long test of the iPad in an actual client audit setting, we used many of the features available in our selected data collection application.  There were other relevant features that we did not use this time, but expect to in the future.  To sum it up, the iPad and our selected application performed flawlessly.

  • Data capture – over 50 pages of handwritten notes in this case – was efficient and error-free.
  • We were able to create charts, tables and diagrams, as well as use a “highlighter pen” feature.
  • The user-defined data tagging function worked extremely well to quickly identify matters needing further information or clarification.  That feature also allowed quick, easy access to – and certainty in locating – findings in the notes.  Data tags clearly indicated finding summary information for further convenience.
  • Exporting the notes was rapid and seamless.  The resulting file can be viewed/emailed to the client in PDF form as well as other formats if needed.

I believe that our use of the iPad created a time efficiency of between 15% – 20% on this particular field trial.  I anticipate that we will see even greater savings as we become more experienced in using the available features the device and app offer.  Any company seriously seeking ways to improve on-site audit efficiency and reducing errors/omissions should evaluate the iPad.

As a result of this successful trial, Elm will be adopting iPad use more broadly across the company before the end of 2010.

If you are interested in having us demonstrate the iPad’s power in an upcoming EHS audit at one of your sites, please contact us.


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