Elm Trials iPad and Apps for Use in EHS Audits and Risk Assessments

Today The Elm Consulting Group International, LLC announced that it is testing out the iPad and certain applications for use in EHS audits.

Elm supports many clients with EHS audit processes, so we must be flexible in audit approaches.  Some clients have internally-designed audit tools that Elm uses in those instances.  Other companies have automated reporting, but are not confined in their data collection processes.  Our iPad use is likely to be of most benefit to those clients who do not have an existing computer-based EHS audit protocol/risk assessment systems.

Rob Bray, Managing Director in Elm’s California office:

We are optimistic that the data capture technologies in the iPad’s small and unique package will prove beneficial in the field.  These technologies include:

  • the ability to easily and quickly scan documents and annotate within those documents;
  • voice note capture and automated transcription;
  • handwriting capture and transcription;
  • advanced note-taking applications; and
  • where appropriate, photo capture and annotation.

Elm expects to utilize all of these features to manage, organize and consolidate audit/assessment data.  Certain applications will allow almost immediate access to specific information or notes that support each audit finding.  Finally, all data gathered – including auditor notes and even recorded interviews – can be aggregated into a single electronic document that can be emailed to clients for their records.

“We fully anticipate seeing increased efficiency and accuracy in the EHS audit process.  And our clients should be able to eliminate some costs for hardcopy audit data management – including paper, copying, off-site storage and archiving costs,” said Lawrence Heim, Director in Elm’s Georgia office.


2 responses to “Elm Trials iPad and Apps for Use in EHS Audits and Risk Assessments

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