Upcoming EHS Risk Auditing Conference

The Auditing Roundtable
 Winter 2010 Meeting, Exposition, and Training  
“Incorporating Risk Management into EHSS Auditing” will be held in Phoenix January 11-13, 2010.

Laws, regulations, and standards keep changing, as to business goals, capabilities of IT, communications methods, and stakeholder expectations.  EHSS auditors fulfill a critical role in maintaining compliance with EHSS laws, regulations, and standards.  This meeting will focus on how EHSS auditors can help identify, evaluate, and help organizations manage risk in uncertain times.    Presentations will also focus on risk transfer and management, moving beyond compliance into risk management, auditing risk, and using risk-based approaches to managing audits and conducting auditing programs.  Regulations designed to reduce risk (including Homeland Security and Process Safety) and Business Continuity Planning will also be discussed.

Mr. Lawrence Heim of Elm is currently scheduled to speak on Merging Risk Management, EHS and Auditing Concepts.

The meeting will also continue with standard features, including industry sector break-outs, topical interest groups, and ample time to mix and mingle with EHSS auditing and management professionals.

The AR is also offering training courses on Basic Auditing Skills, Environmental Auditing, and Health & Safety Auditing.  Developed by request of membership, these courses offer the opportunity to brush up on basics, or to achieve greater proficiency.  These courses qualify for Continuing Professional Development credit for CPEAs, and applicants will find them to be a good resource in preparation for the Certified Professional Environmental Auditor (CPEA) exams offered by the Board of Environmental, Health & Safety Auditor Certifications.

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