New Sustainability Consulting Team Formed Within Elm

Elm is proud to announce the formation of a highly experienced sustainability consulting team.  This group is unique because it consists of former in-house corporate sustainability managers of corporations considered to be global leaders in the sustainability realm.

  • Liz Muller. With over 20 years of experience in the environmental field, she served as The Gap Inc.’s Senior Environmental Manager and was the primary authority on all aspects of the company’s environmental strategy and programs. Her accomplishments range from conducting the company’s first life cycle assessment and metrics system to implementing water quality and environmental procurement programs, launching organic cotton products, installing a solar array, and providing sustainability training to employees and suppliers. She currently advises clients on the development and execution of sustainability strategies and programs, including the development of policies, resources and tools, and corporate social responsibility reports.
  • Shari Carle. Shari wrote Dell Computer’s green procedures while engaging with socially responsible shareholders. She also acted as Dell’s liaison with forest ethics and other interest groups in Dell’s efforts to create policies to support the company’s corporate responsibility efforts. She developed various communications of the company’s commitment to sustainable practices, including Dell’s forest products stewardship model, which set measurable goals and standards to protect forest resources in the printing of catalogs and purchasing. She also led the company in developing policies and positions on HIV/AIDS, political donation transparency and supply chain responsibility.
  • Mark Schaffer. Mark has over ten years of environmental and sustainability experience.  Recently, he was with Dell Computers where he led efforts to green computer purchasing for the government while contributing to Dell’s sustainability reporting initiatives. Prior to Dell, he worked for Canon Virginia building their internal recycling program and designing new ways to manufacture laser printers.
  • Tracy Grable.  Within Delta Airlines, Tracy began managing Delta’s air quality compliance program. She developed corporate manuals and training and became Delta’s in-house expert for greenhouse gas calculations, regulations, and emissions trading schemes. Eventually, this grew into the company’s corporate sustainability initiative which involved developing partnerships with internal and external stakeholders, including the conservation fund and producing the 2007 Corporate Responsibility report for Delta.

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